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    C. Thomas proves to be no stranger to the world of arts. Beginning his career as a serial open mic attendee in 2014, he has been afforded opportunities to showcase his raw talent to the masses.


    Effectively weaving his emotions into accessible works of art, C. Thomas has stunned audiences at Studio 2001 Art Gallery, Busboys and Poets, Angelina College, Howard University, Prince George's Community College, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, The ManDate Conference, The Wanda Alston Foundation, Journey of Faith United Methodist Church and was named a Pioneer of Poetry by NUSPA (National Underground Spoken Word Poetry Awards) in 2015.


    C. Thomas continues to raise his voice through his art, teachings, writing workshops and advocacy work for the benefit of Child Abuse Prevention Awareness, Black Lives Matter, SGL (Same Gender Loving) and the LGBT community which he is proud to be a part of.


    Poet, host, teaching artist, workshop facilitator and 2019 Finalist for Poet Laureate of Alexandria, he’s an unapologetic voice for social change while challenging mindsets and commanding stages.


    Ladies and gentlemen, C. Thomas.



    Artist Resume


    2015 Keynote Speaker/Featured Spoken Word Artist-Angelina College, Dibol, TX

    2015 Planning Committee Member/Venue Manager-Split This Rock Poetry Festival, Washington, DC

    2016 Poetry Workshop Facilitator-Split This Rock, Washington, DC

    2016 Director of Events-Project Beacon of Hope Fundraiser, Washington, DC

    2017 Panelist-Mary’s House: Grown Folks Speak Out Multi-generational Reflections from SGL/LGBTQ Communities

    2017 Poetry Workshop Co Facilitator-DC Scores, Washington, DC

    2017 Poetry Workshop Facilitator –Mandate Conference, Washington, DC

    2018 Workshop Facilitator-Wanda Alston Foundation, Washington, DC

    2018 Workshop Facilitator-MoonLit, Washington, DC

    2019 Teaching Artist-Carlos Rosario International Charter School, Washington, DC

    2019 Teaching Artist-Glen Forest Elementary School, Falls Church, VA

    Shouts and Praise


    “C. Thomas is a multi-talented teacher, performer, poet, and friend. When he performs, his words fill the room, echoing long after he's left the stage. When he teaches, he lights a fire in the bellies of his students, allowing space for students' talent and ideas. He is savage, unapologetic, and vulnerable.”


    -Kristen Zory King, Writer and Founder of MoonLit


    "C. Thomas’ work in the world as an artist, facilitator, speaker, and organizer are necessary acts of love and resistance. His fearless and unwavering poems and performances offer salve for the pain of dehumanizing discrimination and harm. His poems – like all his artistic endeavors -- are a celebration of reclaimed power."


    -Camisha Jones, Split This Rock Managing Director


    “From the Page to the Stage, Poet C. Thomas leaves no stone un-turned. His heartfelt poetry is a dialogue of compassion for Child Abuse Prevention Awareness. He presents poetry purposely for the LGBTQ community that he courageously wears. His poetry gives voice to Black Lives Matter and SGL (Same Gender Loving). He is a delight on stage with a message of love, relatability, and acceptance. His presentation of professionalism is a compelling attractiveness that charms and inspires his audience.To book him is to capture a piece of poetry, truthfulness, and spoken word that only he can give words, voice, and purpose to.”


    -KaNikki Jakarta, Poet Laureate of Alexandria, Virginia



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    No Apologies. No regrets.

    How to Gentrify Laundry

  • Poetry

    Too Late


    I only meant to your friend.

    Never meant to hurt you.

    Never meant to mislead you.

    Never meant to appear insensitive about your feelings.

    I know how precious they are to you.


    Stretching our friendship out of proportion

    Was never my aim.

    I'd turn back the hands of time to fix this if I could.

    Not speaking to you is a virus with no cure.

    No elixr can fix this.


    I've accepted this as my fault.


    I know there's a reason for our separation.

    Survived a lot of things.

    But this.....

    I can't move on.


    I only meant to be your friend.


    Maybe more. My big sister.

    Me your brother.

    I'm used to being kid brother.

    Making you laugh.

    Annoying you when you're mad.

    Eventually you cracked a smile.

    Being a shoulder for you to cry on.

    How dare they make you cry?

    Angels should not know sorrow.


    In return you did the same.

    Never questioned who was to blame.

    Your ear, my journal.

    Your shoulder, my pillow.

    Your words, the calm after each storm.

    Knowing we had each other's back.

    Bonnie and Clyde.

    Ride or die.

    No questions asked other than, "Where they at?"


    I only wanted to be your friend.

    Wanted nothing more than the companionship of your smile.

    A judgement free zone.

    The freedom of being me in your

    presence and vice versa.


    I can never take back what happened.

    I can only offer apology.

    It may be a band aid over a gaping wound.

    It's all I have to begin to mend this.


    I don't believe all good things come to an end.

    I don't believe in the power of goodbye.

    I believe our paths will one day cross again.

    Until then--I'll see you later.

    I love you.........from a distance.


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    Sunday, October 20th

    Alexandria, VA





    Thursday, October 24th

    Washington, DC

    Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

    Safe Shores



    Tuesday, November 5th

    Alexandria, VA

    Writing to Wellness Workshop

    Old Town Books




    Bernard’s Bedroom

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