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    On August 28th, 1980, C. Thomas was born. He spent his youth under the care, wisdom, and protection of his mother, Margaret D. Thomas, who tragically died in 1991. C. was only 10 years old when his life was turned upside down mentally, emotionally, and environmentally. Suddenly displaced, his new living environment subjected him and his autistic brother to many abuses. The experience ultimately culminates into words that he could not articulate as a boy, but would ultimately express on a microphone.

    C. quite effectively weaves his emotions into accessible works of art like the fibers of elaborate, yet elegant tapestries. His poetry became not only a cathartic experience for him, but for peers and strangers as well. C. first shared his poem "I" publicly in 2003. C. Thomas went on to win "The Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Poetry" that year, and again in 2005 for his poem "Irate Emotion."


    These successes inspired him to go on to publish a collection of his poetry with other talented artists, and motivated him to author three poetry books featuring his own work.

    No stranger to the stage, C. Thomas has graced numerous venues. Along his journey, C. has blasted his story at Studio 2001 Art Gallery, Busboys and Poets, Angelina College, Howard University, Eleanor Roosevelt High School and Journey of Faith United Methodist Church. Just to name a few venues and was named a Pioneer of Poetry by NUSPA (National Underground Spoken Word Poetry Awards) in 2015.


    C. Thomas continues to raise his voice through his art for the benefit of Child Abuse Prevention Awareness, Black Lives Matter, SGL (Same Gender Loving) and the LGBT community which he is proud to be a part. He knows there are many other minds, bodies, and souls to be touched by his message. C. intends to continue to challenge mindsets and command stages.


    Ladies and gentleman, C. Thomas.

    Artist Resume

    Featured Performances


    Sweet and Natural, Mt. Rainier, MD

    Spit Dat, Washington, DC

    Spirits and Lyrics, Manassas, VA

    Jus Words, Philadelphia, PA

    Spoken World, Washington, DC

    3rd. Eye Thursdays, Baltimore, MD

    Say Word Saturdays, Washington, DC

    Busboys and Poets, Hyattsville, MD

    Busboys and Poets, Arlington, VA

    Say Something, Waldorf, MD

    Circle of Light, Baltimore, MD

    BEFREE Friday, Baltimore, MD

    Howard University, Washington, DC

    Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Greenbelt, MD

    Journey of Faith Methodist Church, Waldorf, MD

    Mary’s House for Older Adults, Washington, DC

    DC Scores, Washington, DC

    Mandate Conference, Washington, DC

    Drunken Retort, Grand Rapids, MI

    Java Monkey Speaks, Decatur, GA

    The Great Del Ray Poetry Reading, Alexandria, VA


    Spotlight Performances


    Busboys and Poets, Hyattsville, MD

    Busboys and Poets, Arlington, VA

    B.H.O.M.S, Baltimore, MD

    Stand As Ten Thousand, Alexandria, VA

    Our Community Our Health, Washington, DC

    Holiday Wish Gala, Washington, DC

    The Howard Theatre, Washington, DC


    Hosted Venues


    Mic Check (Founder), 2013-2016

    Pens and Swords (Founder), 2014-2015

    Busboys and Poets 450 K, 2015-present

    (His) Story (Founder), yearly showcase

    Her Story (Founder), yearly showcase



    Moodz’ Ring, 2004

    Voices Carry, 2008

    Coloring Outside The Lines, 2013

    Est. 1980, 2016 (CD)

    Bernard’s Bedroom, 2017


    Featured Publications


    Stoked Words: An Anthology Of Queer Poetry From The Capturing Fire Slam And Summit, 2018

    Swerv Magazine, 2018




    96.3 WHUR, Joe’s Place Spoken Word Place


    Facilitated Workshops , Speaking Engagements and Leadership Roles


    2015 Keynote Speaker/Featured Spoken Word Artist-Angelina College, Dibol, TX

    2015 Planning Committee Member/Venue Manager-Split This Rock Poetry Festival, Washington, DC

    2016 Poetry Workshop Facilitator-Split This Rock, Washington, DC

    2016 Director of Events-Project Beacon of Hope Fundraiser, Washington, DC

    2017 Panelist-Mary’s House: Grown Folks Speak Out Multi-generational Reflections from SGL/LGBTQ Communities

    2017 Poetry Workshop Co Facilitator-DC Scores, Washington, DC

    2017 Poetry Workshop Facilitator –Mandate Conference, Washington, DC

    2018 Workshop Facilitator-Wanda Alston Foundation, Washington, DC

    2018 Workshop Facilitator-MoonLit, Washington, DC

    Shouts and Praise


    “C. Thomas is a unique and courageous poet. In his powerful words and robust presence he shares stories and truths that we all need to hear, in a way that makes us both cry and cheer. In his authenticity we are awakened to our own authentic selves. Listen carefully to this lovely, sensitive, clear poet, his words speak for many and connects us to C’s humanity as well as our own.”

    -Wendi R. Kaplan, Alexandria, Virginia Poet Laureate


    “C. Thomas offers a viewpoint into what it is to be young, gifted, Black, male, and same-gender-loving through a contemporary lens complete with passion, honesty, courage, and ambition. Words matter, and this young man's should be heard.”


    -Jamil A. Fletcher, Publisher of Swerv Magazine


    “C. Thomas is a multi-talented teacher, performer, poet, and friend. When he performs, his words fill the room, echoing long after he's left the stage. When he teaches, he lights a fire in the bellies of his students, allowing space for students' talent and ideas. He is savage, unapologetic, and vulnerable.”


    -Kristen Zory King, Writer and Founder of MoonLit


    "C. Thomas’ work in the world as an artist, facilitator, speaker, and organizer are necessary acts of love and resistance. His fearless and unwavering poems and performances offer salve for the pain of dehumanizing discrimination and harm. His poems – like all his artistic endeavors -- are a celebration of reclaimed power."


    -Camisha Jones, Split This Rock Managing Director


    “C. Thomas is a man defined by one word .. Strength. I've watched his determination elevate over those who tried to become a road block in his dream to take his gift of poetry further than he originally planned. I've witnessed his growth in crowd control, stage presence and being open when approached by total strangers who've heard his work. He's a listener when asking questions; humbly knowing when its time to become the student. C. is a soldier; sharing his personal past for someone else's future. His opinions are not overly opinionated. His mistake is not repeated. His passion to succeed can never be questioned. I can personally say that he is a teammate .. allowing me to duet with him for a poem he wrote. C. Thomas can be the bulldozer who walks in front of you, the umbrella that protects you, or the shadow that's watching your back.”


    -Eric “E-Baby” Smith, Poet and Author


    “From the Page to the Stage, Poet C. Thomas leaves no stone un-turned. His heartfelt poetry is a dialogue of compassion for Child Abuse Prevention Awareness. He presents poetry purposely for the LGBTQ community that he courageously wears. His poetry gives voice to Black Lives Matter and SGL (Same Gender Loving). He is a delight on stage with a message of love, relatability, and acceptance. His presentation of professionalism is a compelling attractiveness that charms and inspires his audience.To book him is to capture a piece of poetry, truthfulness, and spoken word that only he can give words, voice, and purpose to.”


    -KaNikki Jakarta, Poet and Author


    “C. Thomas is raw truth at its finest. His poetry unpacks concepts of identity, sexuality, blackness, masculinity and their many intersections in a way that is both chilling and heart warming at the same time. His work is both displacement and home simultaneously.”


    -Enoch the Poet, Educator and Author

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    How to Gentrify Laundry


    No Apologies. No regrets.

  • Poetry

    How To Gentrify Laundry

    Separate clothes,

    Whites from colors.

    No mix-matching,

    Never blend.


    Fill machine with hot water.

    Add whites; Whites only.

    Bleach, to make whiter,

    Brighter; Pure.


    No color guard.

    No rings around the collar.

    Wash all dirt away.

    Stains not wanted.


    This is when whiteness matters.


    Rinse well.

    Spin cycle.

    Hang to dry.

    White sheets in the wind.

    Crisp, cool, privileged.


    Full of life.


    He gave me his night

    but rejected my morning.

    Pretended to be my knight

    leaving my heart in mourning.


    Some people draw conclusions looking at the cover of a book before reading the first sentence. At first glance, they dissect and scrutinize the dust jacket ignoring every page while remaining illiterate. Pointing and laughing at the assumed subject matter with judgement in their eyes turning their heads in disgust. Just because it isn't labeled "Best Seller" or "Critically Acclaimed" doesn't mean its worthless.


    You never know the obstacles a person has to face on their own with little to no resources to back them. Making a dollar out of fifteen cents, turning a loaf of bread into full course meal and making it stretch for a week is a talent for some. Making ends meet by the skin of their teeth, playing survival of the fittest to keep their heads above water is all they know. So who are we to take for granted our blessings when we at times we don't even deserve them?


    No matter the hand life deals us, ultimately we choose to we win or lose. We find our true self through our day to day struggles. That test of faith helps us to learn the design of our character. Mark Twain once said, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." For every battle scar earned is a trophy representing victory. If a simple smile can brighten a person's day. Just imagine the impact of a thousand. Our courage speaks through our actions and determination to live.


    To the single mother who was told abortion was her best option, instead she chose his life. Not one regret for her decision, she raised her son to keep his eye on the prize, to fear no one and to be man of his word. Momma ain't birth no sucker---she birthed a conqueror.


    Salute to the father handling his responsibilities making sure his baby girl has a roof over her head, clothes on her back and food to eat. The boy who used to run the streets put away childish things and became the man his daughter needed to see.


    Some of us were thrown to the wolves but came back leading the pack. We never know how strong we really are until we to stare adversity square in the eye.


    Before judging the cover of a book, I invite you to open it.


    Read the first page versus deeming it boring.


    You don't know their name.


    You don't know their story.


    We, be shit stains smudged on toilet paper. America the toilet, flush us away. Hands washed clean of filth. Raw sewage becomes us.

    We, be the children of parents disgraced. Keep that one in the closet fresh with silence. Only see him with prayer.

    Father relinquish him of his glittery demons. Give us back our boy! Make him ashamed for knowing how to love, even though that's how we raised him.

    Love him with hate to make him hate himself.



    We, be punchline for homophobic jokes made by family and friend. Judgement is laughter. Don't show sensitivity. Dare not shed a tear-keep your weakness safe.

    Go home, run cold bath, play with razor blades. You're stronger when your colors bleed. Your eulogy will speak of your character their way.


    We, be death celebrated at Christian's protest. God's messenger was sent to deliver warning.


    I meant Angels.

    I meant peace.

    I meant fatalities to the casualties who will never speak again.

    We, be endangered species.

    We, be disease.

    We, be abomination.

    We, be anti-love.

    We, be hurt.

    We, be scared.

    We, be human.

    We be child.

    We be brother.

    We be sister.

    We, be made example.

    We, be minding our damn business.

    We be D.C.

    We be Chicago.

    We be Philly

    We, be Orlando.

    We, be The United States of fuck you homos.

    We, be target practice just for being we.




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